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now what is wrong 
are you scared of the candles amber radiance 
theres something in the way 

the way you want it could we feel any more alone 
can i ask 
is everything alright? 

will we hide behind the lies and always be this hollow? 

wonder deep into the shade 
block the sunlight away 

I need this only to medicate 

get ready to fail because its over 

forgetting it all 
uncover before you throw it away 

in all 
we've never come so close 

just stay behind the shadow 
just before you're awakened 

no one ever gets to flow upstream 
confined out here 
we float timeless 

wander deep into the shade 
you fucking left things this way 
divide the ones that aren't allowed to stay 
no one ever gets to flow upstream 
we just stay in the shadow

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