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did you really think that you would evolve? 
have you ever seen your dreams dissolve? 
imagine everything you know fall, break and crumble apart 

take a look at he city from the sky 
take a look outside your window 
see the city die 
do you believe me? 
the ending approaches the building in flames and soon there will be no one left 

now smashing your face face against the glass 
just cover eyes 
now pressing your hand against lesions 
needs pressure and time 

don't let the fear cut through to your heart 
ever get the feeling you're losing touch 
never get to see the story end 
do you ever see yourself from the outside looking in and wonder who you are? 
this picture is frozen an anchor has fallen and 
I won't mind 
you were right here 
I won't feel anything 

will it change 
our lives 
and our thoughts 

couldn't save our lives 
prospect seems lonelier now and you're right here 
you're gone forever 
then the day comes and washes away everything 

looking at us through the glass 
staring raving laughing 
his image in the human measure cast. 
he wants us to burn the world down 
cold, white

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