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drag me under

drag a little farther

dig a little deeper

set in motion

die a little more now

make it even harder

drag me under


just what are you strying to say here?

just what are you trying to say?


I'm taking a life tonight


there's something inside you pulling you in

face first

im sorry

just what are you trying to say



Running in place

tread a little water

digging fucking deeper

can you see them

take another weapon

come a little closer

pull the trigger

open fire


just what are you trying to say to me

trying to pretend that you dont already

wish you could undo everything you've done

but you never will


you've done this to yourself and you don't even know.

I am washing my hands of this.


higher than the mirror

theres fire

theres pressure

theres home


you will get what you deserve

i've warned you

distances seperate

why wont you fucking die

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