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I'm down 
you're not 
the sirens here just won't stop 
the sound you make 
that beckons you to shame 
walk away with your head down 

out here in the open air 
we don't care what the censored lines say 
now i'm turning off the oxygen 
and holding still on random 
giving up a dream you had 
I want to help you follow 

I'm down 
you're not 
the pages of vanity just won't stop 
the moves in the make 
from molding me to shape 
fuck it away with your face down 

finally gave in 
to breathe 
slowly from the water 
right now 
and it brings the tide 
back down 
but only for a moment 
then recedes 
like a needle 
needle through and over glass 
pieces scattering 
nearly nothing left 
like a razor 
razor to the skin again 
its a cycle 

our lives are cold

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