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black it out 
wish you could fell this I'm trading place 
bleeding the truth 
and now 
now for your punishment 
now we can never see 
now we can never go back 
they've covered you up and erased you 
but you left us so thin 
I try to unwind whats raveling right in front of you. 

we pray for anything at all 
to come back forever 
this is just a dream 
just a figment you believe in 

there is no fucking god 
there is nothing more than consciousness and light inside the vessel 
I know it hurts 
but just for a moment or two 
I know 
everyone is on to you. 

for no reason 
theres never a reason theres never been 
you know its true 

and now you fell through my hands 

all my patience 
just keep it together its over soon 
its over soon 

take crowd aside 
open uo my inner eye 
then follows coarse 
and the frail filters through the sky 
I begin to remember to be alone 

regret to feel 
regret for nothing 
regret for all these thoughts 
and gravity 

and I am the circle 
your own delirium

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