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There are places I've never been

There are forces that mend the shame

this is the ...finally...

its the final day

just to lift you up again


why cant you see this is over

this is what you always wanted to forget

what did you say...what did you really say?


look inside

let it clarify your eyes

come and see you've traded out your life for this


these traces of our sins

erase them all to attain

the only try you're given

creating a prison to hold you down again


where did you go?

why did you leave us?

where the fuck were you when darkness overcame?

where you afraid?

will i ever know?


you're looking in through the window

always coming up to the surface it seems

living up to the things that they say

giving in to the voices

my stomach turns and so I am awake






high above

the earth the sky and sea

somethings pulling you back down


why are you here?

who did you come for?






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